NETAMAN was established in 2004 as a ship repair facility. The enterprise is located on the paljassaare pelinsula, in Tallinn.

There are 90 vessel repair works that are held annually such as dry cargo carriers, container ships, tank vessels, passenger carriers, refrigerators, icebreakers, ships of war, special vessels, 70% of those are the property of foreign countires.

NETAMAN means the advanced technolgy, modern equipment, qualified personnel, work performance in appropriate time, and the quality of work wich requires all the advanced international demands.

There are two floating drydocks which have the 3000 tonnes and 5000 tonnes capacity.

The mooring extent is 1500 m and it is ready to accept the draughts up to 8metres. The vessels can be under repair during it's operation, if needed, in the area of the port's loading berth.

The making of pipelines' elements in diameter up to 250 mm is made by means of the automatic machine for pipe bends with heating by a current of high frequency, and also by an advanced technology in flange connections.

The factory makes replacement and the repair of armature, ship's cable lines, and electric equipments. The electroerection shop carries out all the range of repairs for large eletric motors and generators with capacity up to 1500 kwt.

The wide range of machine tools provides the performance of machine and mechanical works on repair of vessels' mechanism.

The personnel's qualification and underlying advanced technologies provide the high quality of the all spektrum of ship repair - from clearing and painting ship cases to powerplants repair and the cabins' interiors' rennovation. There are in use the newest programmes and means for working out the repair technology and preparing the drafts. Metal cutting is carried out by plasma installation with a programmed control.

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